Body Language Master Class

Course Duration: 1 day

Understanding the impact body language

Have you ever had the impression that someone wasn’t really listening or not paying attention?

Have you ever felt someone was saying something that wasn’t entirely true?

It isn’t always obvious how you know but you just have a feeling. This workshop will help you understand why you are having that feeling. Much research has been done into the contribution that body language has on relationships and communication. So much more has been discovered than the stereotypes have led you to believe.

This workshop will go into depth about what certain movements and gestures indicate, how you can decode these more accurately. You will also learn how you can adapt your own body language to build better rapport, achieve greater influence and increase your impact.

Our Aim:

To understand non-verbal communication and how it can be used for success at work, at home and in life.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the training participants will:

  • Have an increased understanding of the impact of body language
  • Understand more clearly how to read others’ non-verbal communication to identify their thoughts and feelings
  • Have skills to amplify the body language of confidence and success
  • Be able to defuse stressful interactions non-verbally
  • Understand the effect of tone of voice on communication

Course designed for:

Anyone who works with and interacts with people.

What our delegates say:

Cascade” was a revelation. Superb real-time demonstration of non-verbal communication and impact in a simulated interaction. Re-iteration following comments from audience worked brilliantly. I would recommend Cascade to everyone… especially those who are willing to learn something and have it stick.” P.O, Oxford