Course Duration: 1 day

Motivate yourself and others around you

You know the scene. You asked for something to be done and you’re now pulling your hair out because it wasn’t. Why don’t people just get on with things? Well, it seems that motivation is a lot more complicated than a simple Pavlovian trigger and response. We are all motivated by different things but there are some recognisable patterns to motivation. Knowing what motivates you and the people around you is the key to your success. This workshop will give you that understanding. You’ll discover how to release the inspiration, confidence and commitment that will help you and your team to be fired up and keen to get things done . . . over and over again.

Our Aim:

To understand motivation in ourselves and others and how to ignite it.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the training participants will:

  • Understand motivation and how to increase it
  • Recognise barriers to motivation
  • Have skills to increase motivation in self and others

Course designed for:

Anybody who wishes to understand and motivate their team more successfully.

What our delegates say:

“Really practical. Takes solid theory and really makes it accessible and usable. Extremely enjoyable day, very interactive.” S.O, Northern Ireland