Communication skills and Body Language

Course Duration: 1 day

Have fun while you learn

Others not listening to us or acting on our suggestions can be tremendously frustrating, tiring and bewildering. You thought you were clear and yet someone still misunderstood.

Communication seems to be more complicated that it first seems. Between your thought and the ultimate actions of the other person there is a string of translations. There is so much that can go wrong or be misconstrued. This workshop provides strategies to help eliminate confusion so that people understand you more clearly and take the action you desire. The workshop includes everything from how your ‘primitive brain’ affects communication, the impact of body language and techniques used by top FBI and other successful negotiators. And it’s enjoyable too. A serious subject delivered in a lighthearted way.

Our Aim:

To explore how different elements of communication influence successful interaction.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the training participants will:

  • Understand the different elements of human behaviour that have an impact on communication
  • Know how brain and body work together or against each other when we communicate
  • Understand the secrets of the great communicators
  • Be able to use a new set of communication skills that will transform daily interactions

Course designed for:

Anyone who works with and interacts with people.

What our delegates say:

“The communication skills workshop for NHS Education in Scotland was fun, engaging, safe and stimulating and hugely powerful as a learning experience. Leave the projector and the screen in the cupboard, dispense with the boardroom or theatre style layout – and try something very different for a change.” Marion Duffy, Educational Facilitator, EM People