How to have difficult conversations

Course Duration: 1 day

Handle those tricky situations with ease

Ever dreaded having a conversation with somebody and avoided it for fear of how it might turn out? Do some of your conversations just become point scoring exercises where you end up feeling like you’ve been playing emotional tennis? This training will show you that so called ‘difficult conversations’ can be held with ease. You will leave the day being able to discuss those tricky issues in a way that is welcomed by both parties. You will learn the mindset, emotional management skills and the communication strategies to fit your purpose.

Our Aim:

To explore the skills necessary to be able to undertake difficult conversations with ease.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the session you will:

  • Understand what state of mind helps you sail through difficult conversations
  • Recognise how the correct use of listening, questions and empathy can resolve difficult issues
  • Understand the importance of knowing your preferred outcome
  • Have learnt new insights and skills for improved team dynamics and greater achievement

Course designed for:

Directors, Managers and Team Leaders

What our delegates say:

“Thank you, some very powerful messages portrayed and explained. Looking forward to attending more courses”. SG, Cornwall